About Us

At West Side Iron and Metal our goal is to meet all of your scrap metal needs, whether you are a homeowner or a business owner we have the experience and expertise to serve you. We strive to provide fast, reliable, professional service — all while ensuring you are getting the best prices for your material.

Scrap Metal

Hours of Operation

Monday thru Friday 8am to 5pm
Closed Saturday and Sunday






Container Service

We will deliver a container to your location. We have 1 to 40 yard containers available. We will pick up your container on a monthly, weekly, or an on-call basis.



Scale Service

Our State of Michigan Certified Scales and electronic record keeping ensure accurate weights on all materials for maintaining your ISO records.


Commercial/Industrial Dismantling and Removal Services

We dismantle and remove unwanted machinery for your facility.

Material Brokering

If your facility is processing your own materials and you have truckload quantities that are ready to go, please contact us for custom pricing.

We’re green

At West Side Iron and Metal, we are committed to our planet and to future generations. We operate, as environmentally safe as possible, by seeking out the best management practices and current industry standards according to the environmental community and the scrap metal industry.